Package com.adactus.mpeg21.didl.model

Interface Summary
Anchor An anchor binds descriptors to a fragment, which corresponds to a specific location or range within a resource.

An anchor might have a relative precedence over other anchors.
Annotation An annotation describes a set of information about another identified element of the model without altering or adding to that element.
Assertion An assertion defines a full or partially configured state of a choice by asserting true, false or undecided values for some number of predicates associated with the selections for that choice.

The assertion can in other words be used to preconfigure and/or restore the current state in a chain of choices.
Choice The choice is a simple boolean-algebra-style mechanism for selecting and/or discriminating parts of a digital item.

A choice describes a set of related selections.
Component A component is the binding of a resource to all of its relevant descriptors.
Condition The condition is part of a simple boolean-algebra-style mechanism for selecting and/or discriminating parts of a digital item.

A condition describes the enclosing element as being conditional (thus in other words optional).

When determining whether to include the element, a single condition may reference multiple selections, which resolve together (AND relationship - all must be true).
Container A container is a structure that allows items and/or containers to be grouped.
Declarations The declarations element may be used to define elements in the beginning of the digital item, without actually instantiating them.
Descriptor A descriptor associates information with the enclosing element.
DIDL The DIDL is the root element and has either an item or a container.
DIDLInfo The DIDLInfo wrapper allows information applicable only to the DIDL document.
Fragment A Fragment indicates a part of interest in a resource.

It unambiguously designates a specific point or range within a resource.

Fragments may be resource-type specific.
Item The Item is the standard wrapper for linking sets of descriptors (metadata) and components (resources) together in a 'package':

An item that contains no sub-items can be considered an entity -- a logically indivisible work.
An item that does contain sub-items can be considered a compilation -- a work composed of potentially independent sub-parts.
Resource A resource is an individually identifiable asset such as a video or audio clip, an image, or a textual asset.
Selection A selection describes a specific decision that can affect one or more conditions somewhere within an item.
Statement A statement is a literal textual value that contains information, but not an asset.